Library Rules and Policies

1. The library is open from 8:25 until 4:30. You must have a pass to come to the library unless it is before school, after school, or during the second half of your lunch period.

2. Library books are checked out for ten school days. If you need more time, you must renew your book. You can do this by coming by the library and letting the person at the checkout desk know that you need to renew. You do not need to have the books with you. You can also renew your books online by logging into Destiny with the same username and password you use to get on a computer.

3. If you turn in your book after the due date, you will be charged a fine of ten cents per day per book up to a maximum of $2.00 per book. Please note that I do not want your money….I want your books back on time so that others may enjoy them!

4. If you lose or significantly damage a book, I must purchase a replacement. You are responsible for the replacement cost of the book. When a book is lost or damaged it is not acceptable for you to purchase a replacement from a store. Books in our collection are specially bound so that they will withstand heavy circulation rates. They include bar codes and special labeling. The only acceptable replacement for lost or damaged books will be complete reimbursement of the replacement cost.

5. Significant damage includes but is not limited to water damage, holes or gouges in covers, broken spines, writing and/or drawing on pages, and torn-out or missing pages.

6. Items are considered lost after they have been overdue for 60 days.

7. Students are responsible for scanning in their own books and placing them on the check-in cart. Make sure that you see your name and the title of your book on the computer screen. This verifies that you have checked it in properly and are no longer responsible for it.

8. When using a library computer, you are responsible for abiding by the MISD acceptable use policy (AUP). Be aware that your actions may be monitored remotely.

9. Patrons in good standing (who do not owe fines, habitually lose books, or keep books overdue) may check out an unlimited number of books. Patrons not in good standing may have their checkout privileges limited.

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